Easy Grilled Zucchini

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July 4, 2015
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July 25, 2015

Easy Grilled Zucchini

2 large zucchini

½ cup Italian-style salad dressing


Clean outer skin of zucchini and slice lengthwise between ¼ – ½ inch.

Place zucchini pieces into a large bowl and cover with salad dressing.

Stir to coat, add more salad dressing if needed.

Cover and refrigerate for two to three hours.


Place on a hot grill and grill about 4 to 5 minutes or until nice grill marks appear and the zucchini is slightly limp.

Serve and enjoy!


This is a quick and easy recipe to add to any grilled meat.  The temperatures in Texas reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and cooking in the kitchen becomes unbearable.  This will allow you to cook everything on the grill.  You may add yellow squash for additional color or any other vegetables, make sure to adjust salad dressing to coat completely.

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