Honoring Mom’s Cooking and Her Legacy

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May 5, 2015
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Honoring Mom’s Cooking and Her Legacy

I was born and raised in Oklahoma and remember spending long hot summer days sitting on the front porch with my family shelling peas, snapping green beans or shucking corn.  My mom and a family friend would get up early Saturday mornings and drive to Bixby, Oklahoma to the local farm and pick vegetables for a small price. We knew what we were having for Sunday dinner and for many meals to come.  No matter what was being served, we loved mom’s cooking and now that she is no longer with us, I cherish many of her recipes.

My mom learned to make do with little in order to feed a family of six.  One thing that I remember growing up is how generous my mom was in helping and feeding others.  There always seemed to be plenty of food as well as house guest on Sunday after church.  My sister continues to feed others out of the “red house” on the corner.

I learned to cook at an early age by watching my mom and helping out in the kitchen.  By the time I graduated from high school, cooking dinner for the parents was the norm.  As my boys have grown throughout the years as well as their appetite, I find myself learning to cook on a budget, yet feeding the multiple friends that drop by the house.

As we celebrate Mother’s day on Sunday, take this time to spend with your family and honor the legacy of your mother.  What cooking tips and memories are you sharing with others?  Thanks mom for all the precious memories.

Happy Mother’s Day Helen “Poco” Emerson!

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