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Honoring My Graduate!

Graduation, especially high school graduation, is a very busy time of year. You may be overwhelmed by the number of activities and there never seems to be enough time to plan.  This has been my life’s story over the last couple of weeks.  Now that my youngest son graduates on Saturday, I found myself scrambling to plan the perfect graduation party.  As you plan your graduate’s party, remember the tips below to help alleviate stress and expenses.

Honoring the graduate

Honoring your graduate is the most important part of the graduation party.  Since graduation is a monumental experience for your graduate, make them the center of attention.  Pick and chose what really represents your graduate.  What is the grad’s favorite food?   This is the best place to start when planning your menu and it will make your food choices a lot easier: pizza, BBQ, pasta, taco bar, etc.  The choices are endless.  Let your party reflect your graduate.

Keep it simple

Make it easy on yourself and serve five to seven different menu items. The most common mistake made at a graduation party is serving too much food.   You may be able to order your main course which can save you time.

Dare to be different

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to create an interesting and memorable event. Whether you are striving for an exciting gala with dancing and laughter or a quieter, more dignified event, take the time to plan ahead and be creative.


Whatever you do, don’t feel compelled to keep up with your friends and neighbors or the Jones’. Stop and think. Who are you doing this for? Hopefully your interest in planning a graduation party is to celebrate this major milestone in your son or daughter’s life.

Always remember … this is their graduation.

 Help them celebrate!

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